This Bank Holiday weekend: muskets, cannon and pike come to Northampton!


17796753_1656906064395333_5347088845753045927_n.jpgExperience a nation at war with itself in the Parliamentarian heartland of Northamptonshire!

At Billing Aquadrome this Bank Holiday weekend, cannon will roar and musketeers will volley as an all action battle unfolds when members of the Sealed knot recreate two forces, one of the King Charles I and one of Parliament under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell.

Alongside this the 17th Century village will consist of trades who supplied the armies and crafts of the period, all presented by people knowledgeable in their field.

We’re delighted to be returning to Billing Aquadrome, just outside the centre of Northampton, for a weekend of bringing the English Civil Wars to life with the Sealed Knot!

Date: 29 April to 1 May
Location: Billing Aquadrome, Crow Lane, Great Billing, NN3 9DA

Order of events
11am – Living history camp opens
11am – Regimental arms displays
2pm – Large formation parade with firepower of two cannon, followed by skirmish
4.30pm- Living history closes.

11am – Living history camp opens
11am – Army parade
2pm – Skirmish
4.30pm- Living history closes.

11am – Living history camp opens
12 noon – Skirmish
4pm- Living history closes.

This event is being organised and run by The London Brigade of the Armie of Parliament of the Sealed Knot Society.



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