Flashback: that time when Paddy McGuiness joined our pike block!


Back in 2010, The Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote took part in filming for Rory and Paddy’s Even Greater British Adventure, a series which saw Paddy McGuiness and Rory McGrath journey around the country taking part in some of the weird and wonderful pastimes that people in the UK spend their free time indulging in. Series one saw them bog snorkelling and cheese chasing, and the second series included competitive dry stone walling and … us!

The filming took place at the August Bank Holiday muster in York, with Rory and Paddy joining us for some instruction in the subtle art of pike pushing, pitting our Parliamentarian redcoats against the Royalist whitecoats of the Earl of Newcastle’s Regiment of Foote.

Paddy certainly didn’t shirk his duty to Parliament – going straight onto the front row of our pike block and taking place in all five rounds of the contest. Rory, however, didn’t take to pike fighting as well and had to sit out most of the pushes – especially when his shoes disintegrated! Suffice to say the Earl of Manchester’s pikemen won the day!

Did you see us on TV?

Rory and Paddy with our late regimental tank/mascot Monty the Dog!

Did you see us on TV?Did you see us on TV? Did you see us on TV?

Did you see us on TV?


If you’d like to follow in Paddy and Rory’s footsteps then you should get in touch right now – we’ve got some amazing events coming up this summer, it’ll cost you just £15, and you’ll have an amazing time – visit our website now for more information or check out our video below.


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