Just one day to go until we bring history to life in Nantwich!


We’re now just 24 hours away from taking to the field at Nantwich in Cheshire for the annual Holly Holy Day re-enactment!

It really is a spectacle for the whole family, with a massive parade through the streets, plus a battle and other events throughout the day. You can go here for more information.

So why is the battle for what was essentially a large village in Cheshire so important? For a little context, this is from the UK Battlefields Trust resource centre:

Fought on the 25th January, Nantwich was the first battle of 1644. It was a substantial victory for the Parliamentarians. Nantwich was relieved, the Royalist domination of Cheshire was over, Royalist artillery and the baggage train was captured and several senior Royalist officers taken prisoner. It marked the beginning of the recovery of the Parliamentarian cause in the North. For Fairfax himself it was an important step on the ladder which, by April 1645, would bring him command of Parliament’s New Model Army.

We can’t wait to get stuck in tomorrow, so come and join us for a great, family-friendly day as we mark 372 years of British history … and more than 40 years of re-enactment history!


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