17th Century mummies?! Larking about off the battlefield at our training weekend!


While we love getting stuck in on the battlefield, don’t think for a moment that as soon as we’re not battling we’re hunkering down in canvas tents and saying our prayers (though you can do that if you like!). Our training weekend just outside of Bradford last week was as much about catching up with old friends as it was dusting off our kit and seeing if we remembered our drill. The highlight was Saturday evening when – after a great meal and awards presentations for best pikeman, musketeer, and member – we engaged in a few parlour games, some of which are best left unrecorded!

However it did include one where three people had to stand together and be mummified with toilet tissue against the clock! As you can see from the worried expressions of Lee and Brian as they disappear, much hilarity ensued – though not as much as during the game of ‘head football’ which saw some of the younger members of the regiment trying their best not to headbutt the floor (thank you for the side-splitting laughs, Carl!). Check out the video below the photos – it really was a fantastic weekend and shows just how much fun we have away from battle!

image3 image2 image1



The Earl of Manchester’s is a regiment that plays hard on and off the battlefield – we’ve all made lifelong friends by being a part of the regiment, as well as getting to battle, learn, and socialise in some of the most spectacular locations in the country. This is a totally unique hobby that’s ideal for families, friends, or just people on their own – and you won’t have to buy loads of expensive kit to take part in your first events! Let our members themselves tell you why being a member of Manchester’s is so much fun…


If you’d like to join up or want more details about becoming a member of the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote then we’d love to hear from you!

Contact our recruitment team leader Ian by calling 07932 706896 or emailing theearlofmanchesters@gmail.com

Or you can contact the team member for your area by clicking on their profile on our recruitment page.


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