Bringing the past to life in Chester last weekend!


Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 13.49.06

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our event last weekend in Chester – several thousand of you did so and helped us bring this fascinating city’s history alive!

There are some great photos and a very snazzy video from the Chester Chronicle over on their website, including the staging of the arrest and expulsion of Sir William Brereton, the city’s MP. There are also shots of our re-enactment skirmishes on Dean’s Field, in the shadow of the very tower where King Charles supposedly watched the defeat of his army at the Battle of Rowton Heath in 1645.

If you’ve never been, we really recommend a visit to Chester – it’s absolutely packed with English Civil War history and hopefully our event has brought that home to both tourists and locals. A big thank you has to go to both Bob Burgess from Sir William Waller’s Regiment of Horse, who has done so much to help get this event off the ground, plus all the members of other Sealed Knot regiments who travelled from all over the country to help us bring Chester’s past to life!

Over the week, we’ll be bringing photos and videos from the event to you on our blog. To start with, enjoy this YouTube video taken from the sidelines as Royalist and Parliamentarian meet in battle!

And if you were watching on the sidelines and fancied having a go yourself, as many people did, then why not drop us a line? We’re always looking for new recruits and there are events up and down the country throughout the summer!


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