The English Civil War returns to Broughton Castle this weekend after 350 years!


Broughton_castle4The eighth Baron, first Vicount Saye and Sele, and father of Nathaniel, William Fiennes was one of the prime movers in the Parliamentary cause during the English Civil War.

Lord Seye & Sele

This weekend (Saturday, June 8th) our members will be travelling to the family seat of Broughton Castle to mark this connection with a display of living history and a skirmish!

Viscount Saye and Sele was one of the leading activists against Charles I and raised troops to fight against the King at the war’s first engagement, the Battle of Edgehill in 1642. Royalist troops later besieged the castle, overcoming the defenders and occupying the castle for a time.

It is still the home of the Fiennes family and is currently lived in by the 21st Baron and his wife, so we’re delighted to help the regiment that bears his ancestor’s name celebrate this historical connection. See you there!

You can check out where else we’ll be appearing this year over on our events page!


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