We spent the weekend putting the history back into Peterborough


Photo by uplandswolf on Flickr.com

For the third year running, members of the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote helped bring 2,000 years of history alive at the Peterborough Heritage Festival.

It was a weekend of rather mixed weathers – from torrential rain to blazing sunshine, but it didn’t stop thousands of people from visiting the huge historical encampment that including shiny Romans, battling knights, birds of prey, and – of course – a team of musketeers and pikemen from the English Civil War!

From locking errant youngsters (and adults!) in our pillory (“they’re not called stocks!” became the cry of the weekend) to hunting witches in the main town square and walking around our authentic encampment, we love taking part in this event because it’s so diverse and this great video from the local paper gives you an idea of the things on offer, including seeing our musketeers in action. You can also check out this short YouTube video of them firing.

Entertaining and educating the public about the English Civil Wars is what we do – if you’d like to be a part of that, please check our joining page for some great videos and information about how easy it is to join up and take part!


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