Marking the Queen’s Jubilee by re-enacting a war in which we lopped her ancestor’s head off…


As the rest of the country prepares to mark 60 years of  HM Queen Elizabeth II sitting on the throne, what better way to celebrate this milestone than by revisiting a time when her ancestor’s* reign – and his height – was suddenly and radically shortened?

From Saturday 2 until Monday 4 June, we’ll be re-enacting The Siege of Newstead Abbey.

Cannons will roar, cavalry will charge, and Cavaliers will take on Roundheads in one of the largest English Civil War battle re-enactments this summer. Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire will swirl with smell the camp fires and black powder as audiences see massed blocks of pikemen crash and smash into each other and re-live a time when the Civil was was anything but civil!

From 10 am until 5pm each day the Living History camp will be open to the public allowing full interaction with the armies, discover how families lived through battles and supported the armies.

At 12 midday each day there will be a pre battle display, with the main battle starting at 2.30pm lasting for up to 2 hours.

Charges will be £5 per car, plus £1 for children and £2 for adults, there will also be a collection point to raise funds for the Forces Children’s Charity

Newstead Abbey Historic House & Park
Ravenshead, Newstead
NG15 8NA

Whether you’re cheering for Roundhead or Cavalier, join us this Jubilee weekend for a spectacular event that will keep the entire family enthralled!


* Charles I was the eighth great-granduncle of Elizabeth II, through Charles’ sister Elizabeth of Bohemia, whose descendants – the Hanoverian rulers – succeeded to the British throne.


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