Manchester’s are top of the shots for the fourth year running!


Over the Easter weekend, the Sealed Knot’s Armie of Parliament gathered at a private event on part of the original battlefield at Naseby in Northamptonshire.

It may have been muddy and a bit cold, but it was a fantastic two days of drill, battle, and socialising, topped off by The Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote’s musketeers yet again winning the Major General’s Cup for the speed loading competition!

The competition is a test of skill and speed as teams must load and fire three times in quick succession – the quickest time wins! All orders from the officer must be authentically correct and slips ups, misfires and mistimed shots are penalised. Such a complicated task becomes even harder under pressure, but our lads and lassies performed brilliantly. There were four teams in total, with our team beating the opposition’s pre-penalty time by more than a minute! Here’s a video of our winning team – all dressed in the regimental red jackets with green cuffs – in action:

Well done to all our musketeers who took part and a hearty ‘huzzah’ to all our opponents!

The victory sealed a wonderful weekend of fun on this nationally important battlefield, where King Charles was decisively defeated by the New Model Army under Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell. There were several new Manchester’s members for whom this was their first large event and they all said they loved it, which is really encouraging and a sign of a great weekend!

OUR NEXT EVENTS: We’ll be in the town of Morley near Leeds, dubbed ‘the most patriotic town in England‘, on 22nd April for their annual St George’s Day parade. And over the first weekend in May, we will  be joining the whole Sealed Knot for a large scale re-enactment – this time at Wentworth Castle near Barnsley in Yorkshire on 5th – 7th May. Check out the interactive map on our events page for more details!


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