We’ll be recruiting in the heart of Oxford this Saturday! Come and say hello:


After he fled from London in 1642, Oxford was King Charles’ ‘alternative capital’ where he set up court, directed his army, and even held his own Parliament!

So it may not seem like the kind of place you’d expect to meet a bunch of Roundheads drumming up new recruits. But think again!

This Saturday, members of the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote will be taking to Cornmarket in the heart of the university city of Oxford and calling on the local inhabitants to join up and discover a hobby packed with action, history, and fun times.

In full 17th Century battle dress, pikeman and musketeers will be handing out leaflets and encouraging people to give re-enactment a go. So if you’re in the area, why not sample the delights that Oxford has to offer on what should be a lovely weekend, and also speak to one of our members about what a fantastic hobby this is – on and off the battlefield!

We have a really exciting season of events both large and small coming up, starting in Yorkshire on first May Bank Holiday and then on the Jubilee weekend in Nottingham. Remember, you don’t have to jump straight in – for just £12 (or £17 for a family of four) you can have a weekend ‘taster’ to see if it’s for you!


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