Our members will be helping commemorate the 1643 Battle of Coleford this weekend:



(Photo by Pengranger)

It’s still pretty chilly, so why not warm yourselves with a little Civil War action this Saturday?

It’s the turn of the Gloucestershire town of Coleford to echo with the sound of drums, muskets and chanting this weekend!

Join some of our members for this commemoration to those who fought and died in the Battle of Coleford on February 20, 1643 when the people of Coleford, numbering no more than 500, were confronted by an enemy Royalist force of approximately 2,000.

This annual event will take place at the memorial plaque in the Market Place, in the centre of town. Musketeers, pikemen, officers and drums and colours will form up in there at 2.30pm for a memorial service in honour of those who fell during the conflict. They will be joined by the mayor of Coleford and other dignitaries.

After the memorial service there will be a display of arms during which the soldiers will demonstrate the use of muskets and pikes.

Coleford is close to the Welsh border and the Wye Valley, with plenty of other attractions, so why not make it a day out for all the family in this lovely setting?


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