Mud, singing, beer, violence and filthy pairs of britches: you’re doing The Battle of Nantwich right


So that was Nantwich for 2012, and what a wonderfully fun weekend it was too…

The 40th re-enactment of the Battle of Nantwich is a great spectacle for the town and, hopefully, a boost to the local economy. But it’s also an excuse for us to have a great time and that’s certainly what happened this year!

It may have been cold and a little damp, but the ground on Mill Island was far less muddy than in previous years and it gave us the chance to get down and dirty with some pike pushing and musket firing. Always fun to play against the Marquis of Newcastle’s men but we also faced off against Charles Gerard’s Regiment of Foote, which is always a pleasure.

Sadly, we didn’t win the Rosebowl competition this year – but very well done to John Lilburne’s Regiment of Foote, who did!

The response from the people of Nantwich was fantastic and the crowds seemed much bigger than in previous years, so thank you to everyone who turned up.

this was a really fun weekend that blew away the off-season cobwebs. We’re now slowly gearing up for our annual training event with the Armie of Parliament at Easter, before embarking on the 2012 season proper with the first May Bank Holiday event at Wentworth Castle near Barnsley. Why not join us?


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