This Saturday, we’ll be competing for the title of ‘Best Regiment’. Here’s why:


Being part of the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote isn’t just about dressing up in period clothing, having a good fight and then enjoying a drink or two afterwards (though, let’s face it, those are pretty good reasons to try it!).

As part of the regiment you get an incredible feeling of camaraderie, both on and off the battlefield, and it’s what brings people back year after year. You may come for the history, but you stay for the friends.

The Rosebowl Competition for best regiment is a major part of the Nantwich event, which is taking place this Saturday in the Cheshire town from 12.30pm, and we’ll be taking part. Regiments are marked on the standards of their clothing, their skills at handling musket and pike, and their performance on the battlefield. It’s an honour to win and even just taking part produces a great feeling of togetherness, of camaraderie and a determination to look the part, sound the part and be the part!

THIS Saturday, come to Nantwich, cheer us on in the Rosebowl and experience a spectacle guaranteed to warm you up in the cold winter! Click here for more details.,-1.228286&spn=3.096905,2.592827&output=embed

View The Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote forthcoming events in a larger map


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