Marching on to Nantwich – THIS Saturday!


All this week we’re gearing up for the traditional first muster of the Sealed Knot re-enactment season at Nantwich in Cheshire. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the first re-enactment, known as Holly Holy Day after the event was marked by townspeople wearing a sprig of holly in their hats in remembrance of the battle.

The county was pretty vital for King Charles’ control of the west of England, so when the King brought back troops who had fought in Ireland they were sent to clear up the Parliamentarian garrisons in the area. His forces, led by Sir John Byron, laid siege to the town and it was only the arrival of a relief force led by Sir Thomas Fairfax that saved Nantwich. The defeat, which we’ll talk about on another day, was a major setback for the King.

To mark very important date in the English Civil War, the Sealed Knot has been coming to Nantwich for four decades and giving the towns a great show of pagentry, force and battle. It’s a fantastic day out for the family – as well as special events throughout the day, you can get up close to the soldiers themselves and discover from them what it was like to fight in the 17th Century.

To whet your appetite for a great, if slightly muddy, day of battle and history here’s a video from last year’s event:

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the schedule for the day, which promises to be a cracker…



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