The countdown begins: mud, fighting, beer and song! Marking 40 years of The Battle of Nantwich…


Nantwich is a pleasant little town just outside of Crewe, famed for its old buildings and once a prosperous salt-producing and coaching centre.

But for a day every January, the town plays host to hundreds of re-enactors who march through the town to commemorate the lifting of the Siege of Nantwich in 1644. After parading through the town square, the regiments form up on Mill Island to recreate the battle itself.

This colourful re-enactment of the Battle of Nantwich has been celebrated by the townspeople of Nantwich since 1644, and this Saturday the town will come alive with the sounds of battle once again as we mark the 40th anniversary of the popular re-enactment event.

In the lead up to the weekend, we’ll be posting images, videos, historical background and information about this year’s event and encouraging you to join us in what should be another fantastic weekend’s entertainment.

For more info, visit the Holly Holy Day webpage at

Join us as we crack open another season of re-enactment and celebrate a pivotal moment in the Civil War, and an important one in the history of our society!


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