Ooooh arrr, me hearties! ‘Tis a fine life as a 17th Century pirate!



Many of our members also take part in events with other re-enactment groups, with time periods stretching from Roman through to Second World War. The other weekend, a contingent of Manchester’s headed to New Brighton, just over the Mersey from Liverpool, to take part in the pirate muster – organised by our friends in the Lancashire Militia.

The golden age of piracy stretched over the late 17th and very early 18th centuries, and so our English Civil War kit doubles up nicely to turn us into salty sea dogs! The event was an absolute corker, with the pirate band making an amphibious landing on the beach before attacking Fort Perch Rock, an early Napoleonic stone fort that has guarded the mouth of the Mersey estuary for almost 200 years!

With pyrotechnics going off left, right and centre, the intrepid band eventually took the enemy’s cannon and turned it on the fort’s doors – with explosive results!


Photo from the Wirral Globe.

With the gate blown open, it was only a matter of time before the redcoat garrison was overcome and the pirates walked out with their booty.

A tremendously fun event and one which attracted large crowds. All part and parcel of being a re-enactor!

Media coverage of the event, including some video, is available here and here.


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