The Roundheads are coming to Wentworth Castle THIS WEEKEND!



This weekend, we’ll be just outside Barnsley in the splendid grounds of Wentworth Castle for another weekend of history and battle!

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August will see the castle transformed into a garrison as pikemen and musketeers, cavalrymen, cannons, civilians, sutlers, and orators descend onto the grounds to bring the 17th Century to the present day in a fantastic event for all ages.

The castle gardens and Stainborough Park extend to over 500 acres and includes historic gardens, a children’s adventure playground and a fascinating collection of 26 listed buildings and monuments.

The castle is the former seat of the infamous Earl of Strafford, the favourite of Charles I and Lord Deputy of Ireland whose aggressive opposition to Parliament on behalf of the king eventually saw him condemned to death. Charles was effectively forced to sacrifice his friend as to refuse would have put the monarchy at risk of rebellion. Wentworth was executed, yet the same tensions nevertheless boiled over and the English Civil War began.

For more information, please go to the castle’s website.


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