When Peterborough went back in time to the English Civil War…



Phew, what a scorcher!

Peterborough sounded to the roar of musket and the clash of swords at the weekend as the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote brought the English Civil War to life as part of the Peterborough Heritage Festival.

King Charles (ably played by our very own Corporal Toner!) rode into town under arrest, only to be greeted by the town’s garrison who were none-too-pleased to see the townspeople rise up and demand the king’s release! The skirmish, played out in the square outside the cathedral precinct, turned deadly as the rebels were cut down and their ringleaders executed – by popular vote of the throngs of onlookers!

A tremendously fun weekend where thousands of people passed through our authentic encampment and then watched displays of 17th Century arms and armour, before heading around to see the two beautiful horses supplied for the event by Dominic Sewell, who’s normally to be found on the jousting field than escorting a disgraced monarch!

Thank you to everyone who came and saw us – we had a fantastic time and we hope the public did too!

Check out our regimental photo pool for images from the event, plus photos showing Manchester’s in action up and down the country:



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