Taking to the field at the Battle of Newbury!


Yet another cracking weekend of battling, socialising and fun times with the Earl of Manchester’s regiment!

Newbury Showground shuddered at the sound of cannon and musket as the regiment marched onto the field at the head of the Army of Parliament as we recreated the Second Battle of Newbury from 1644.

One of our pikemen, Jonathan aka ‘Bear’, with the regimental flag

Our first company flag flutters over the battlefield

We all had a great time, on and off the battlefield, with battles on all three days followed by a great deal of fun with our friends – including our very own Italian Night, which featured the debut of the ‘Pizza Pandemonium’ game! Half of the fun of being in the Sealed Knot is of course the battles, but the other half is all about the people you meet and get to hang out with. We now can’t wait until our next event in Peterborough later this month…

Here’s a nice little video of the march of the Army of Parliament through the historical encampment and on to the battlefield. Manchester’s appear from after 45 seconds – look for the redcoats!




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