Manchester’s are ‘Top of the Shots’


What better way to top a glorious weekend of sun, socialising and battle than with the news that The Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote’s musketeers are now the best in the Sealed Knot – and that’s official!


Photo by Ianto Morgan

The regiment fielded two full teams for the Sealed Knot’s annual musket competition at the weekend – and Manchester’s Musket Blocks ‘A’ and ‘DD’ (don’t ask) sealed a magnificent victory by coming not just first but second as well!

The competition is a test of skill and speed as teams must load and fire three times in quick succession – all orders from the officer must be authentically correct and slips ups, misfires and mistimed shots are penalised. Such a complicated task becomes even harder under pressure, but our lads and lassies performed brilliantly.

Well done to all the musketeers who took part and a hearty ‘huzzah’ to our opponents, Lieutenant-Colonel John Lilburne’s Regiment of Foote!

The victory sealed a wonderful weekend of fun in the grounds surrounding Elvaston Castle. There were half a dozen new Manchester’s members for whom this was their first large event and they all said they loved it, which is really encouraging and a sign of a great weekend!

To give you a flavour of just how thrilling a Sealed Knot battle can be, here’s a great gallery of images from the weekend (even though our regiment seems to have managed to elude the lens on this occasion!):

OUR NEXT EVENT: During the last weekend in May, we will again be joining The Sealed Knot for a large re-enactment – this time at Newbury Showground in Berkshire on 28th – 30th May.

Between 11.00am and 4.30pm on each day you will be able to see how people lived in the seventeenth century – with crafts, re-creations and displays culminating in the main battle re-enactment.

Tickets are available in advance from Newbury Tourist Information Centre,, or alernatively please use the form below.

To get discounted on advance tickets, visit the Sealed Knot’s page or for more information visit



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