Hot-footed fundraising … in several layers of wool!



On 18th July, two members from The Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote took part in The Race for Life in aid of Cancer Reseach UK, dressed in the uniforms of English Civil War musketeers. Here’s what one of the runners, Lorna, had to report:

On 18th July 2010 myself and Kathy joined 2000 other women in Rotherham’s Race For Life.
We were all there to help raise money for Cancer Research and to remember our loved ones, by running or walking five kilometers.
It was a slightly overcast Sunday morning, but we didn’t mind. In fact, we were hoping for cooler weather because instead of wearing sporty kit we were in our full musketeer’s uniform!
The uniform consists of many layers including woollen britches and jacket. At the beginning of the race we all had to do a warm up, as you can image we got very hot. I wouldn’t recommend doing aerobics in 17th Century kit.
We kept our pace well during the race, in fact it felt very natural marching a long distance in our uniforms and we even found that we were marching in time with each other. We completed the course in 59 minutes and rewarded ourselves with a well deserved ice cream.
A huge thanks to all those who have sponsored us, we have raised over £250 between us so far.
And don’t forget it’s not too late to sponsor us:

Lorna and Kathy


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